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Throughout history, women have always confronted economic attacks targeting their gender. In practically every culture and nation, elaborate legal structures and financial systems were designed to keep women from becoming economically independent. It required movements of women, over centuries, fighting to expose, dismantle and re-conceive these systems in order for women to begin to achieve economic freedom.


Secure Women believes in the power of women's movements and works to cultivate them quickly to build women's economic security and financial power. Secure Women works with veteran women's movement-builders with proven records of unleashing women's collective power for positive change around the world.

Today, thanks to massive strides in women's rights and equality worldwide, women are more economically independent than at any other time. Women's economic freedom has proven key to stabilizing societies around the world. The most renowned economists agree, women's full economic equality is vital for the future of humanity.

However, new types of criminals and crimes have emerged to target women financially: tricking them out of their life savings; stealing their wages; capturing them into sex slavery; hoodwinking them into committing crimes; and financially abducting them in their old age to drain them of all of their remaining resources, leaving them destitute by transferring their heirs' inheritances into criminals' coffers.


These criminals prey on women's generosity and vulnerabilities throughout their lives. These crimes are often financially devastating, leveling women financially in one fell swoop. To date, the victims typically have little recourse through law enforcement or the courts, many are already too injured to defend themselves. The perpetrators, however, continue to operate freely, growing wealthy from their crimes, acquiring more skills to prey on greater numbers of women, acting with impunity.


Women and women's movements have been the only force to ever protect and advance women. It will take a women's movement to defend against growing attacks on women's economic equality and safety. Secure Women is that movement.

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