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Women's Leadership, Battle-tested

There are many reasons why women must be economically secure. One existential reason is because women lead better through the types of crises we are predicted to face more frequently in the future. That is because, studies consistently show, women are more likely to lead collectively, empathetically and with an aversion to risk. This rarely heralded but powerful leadership style, has many unique attributes. Leading collectively allows for more diversity of thought and a wider breadth of strategies. It corrects for internal bias, is more representative and inspires leadership among many. Reporter, Gillian Teft, of The Financial Times did fantastic coverage of this phenomenon.

One of the missions of Secure Women is to highlight the power of women's leadership. As a result of the women's movements that united throughout history, we have more and more cases of women's successful leadership to examine. The most recent and most dramatic example is that countries led by women through COVID fared much better. These women led their citizenry away from danger, death and economic ruin at greater numbers than male leaders. That's leadership the world needs more of and its why women must be fortified financially.

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