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Women of the World, Unite!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We are at a critical moment in women's history. Women have reached unprecedented levels of achievement and, in many countries, have surpassed men in education. Yet, women still confront economic inequality and injustice at every turn. Throughout our lives, women sustain financial assaults, often in a barrage, that men simply don't. Pay inequity, pink taxes, time poverty are just a few financial burdens nearly universally experienced by women, but rarely men.

Despite having more resources and time on their hands than women, men have not and are not going to solve the economic inequality between the genders. Women must lead the way fast and fiercely, especially given the economic reality we, uniquely, will be facing in the months and years ahead. Economists report that women are about to suffer the greatest economic and professional set back than ever before. It is predicted the pandemic will leave many women financially wrecked in its wake. To be clear, men --already economically advantaged -- will not face such setbacks. This article from the New York Times details why women are in imminent danger and what challenges we will face in the immediate days ahead.

Women must unite now. Our rights and equality victories have taken too long to win despite always proving to turn out to be a great boon for society. The right to vote took over a century to win and resulted in a cascade of social benefits, surges in public heath, dramatic declines in poverty, the fast spread of human rights and democracy. Reproductive justice took over century to advance and is always under unrelenting attack even though, today, it is the cornerstone for how we live and love. Pay inequity has yet to be full addressed despite generations of women staffing the workforce in equal numbers and education levels as men. Universal child care remains a big, fat To-Do note stuck on American women's history. Economic equality will require a fierce, laser-focused and full-bodied women's movement to achieve -- every major women's advancement has. History proves that when women lead, historically, men follow because they see the immediate and dramatically beneficial effects which are often immediate and beneficial for all.

Secure Women is uniting women with a laser-like focus: Build the movement of women focused on women's economic justice, create platforms for experts to reach both the public and policy-makers with proof of what strategies work. As the world rapidly changes, it becomes more clear that women's equality is the key to so many of the dire solutions needed. Now, women have been infected by an economic plague. A movement of women is required to form fast and formidably to heal this collective problem and protect us all.

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