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Whistleblowers: Bravery Without Support or Recognition

Author, fraud expert and accountant, Kelly Richmond Pope (@kellyrpope), has given a fascinating and important TED talk about the experiences of whistleblowers who are often reviled and rejected by the society they had successfully protected. Pope explores the reasons and how this tragic dynamic can be broken. She also offers some fascinating facts about whistleblowers, including that 42% of frauds are discovered through them and that only 22% report retaliation. This leads her to conclude that more people should take the risk in whistleblowing because the outcomes are so beneficial, even if they feel punished for their true bravery at the time. Great insights into a rarely examined area. If we are to succeed in fighting fraud, we must support and protect whistleblowers.

Secure Women is short-circuiting this fear and shame cycle that whistleblowers endure. Amy Gdala provides cover for those speaking out about financial crime against women. She gives a chance for whistleblowers to make change without suffering the worst consequences for it. The advocates who speak through Amy can so anonymously or by name, whichever they prefer. As long as they are alerting women to lurking dangers, they have a voice through her.

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