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The Maiden Episode of the Secure Women Podcast is Live!

The maiden episode of the Secure Women podcast features activist Julie Belshe(@socialjustice4y) who turned a personal nightmare into a quest to protect others. In 2013, Julie's parents were abducted by "private guardians" who, without informing Julie or her parents, got legal control of their lives, then drugged them, isolated them from Julie and proceeded to drain their estate. Trying to save her parents, Julie faced a wall of opposition at each turn with a cabal of lawyers, judges, social workers and medical professionals all in cahoots in a scam that she would eventually expose. They had created a criminal eco-system preying on the elderly, particularly elderly women, by feeding them into the jaws of professionalized criminal networks with the goal of taking everything from them. Elder Abduction is a fast-growing problem in the US as the Baby Boom generation ages into the largest population of elderly people in history. The large share of them are women, many alone and at the most vulnerable stage of their lives and increasingly in the crosshairs of criminals who are hard to escape. Listen to the episode here.

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