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Rest in Peace Colleen. Love Fraud Victim Conned to Death

Colleen was a kind, hard-working Canadian woman who was scammed out of one million dollars over the course of several years. Her story shows the extent to which scammers will go to drain their victims of everything. Convinced by the scammers that she was criminally culpable in the crimes they had committed against her, which is another stage of the common romance scam, Colleen took her own life. In her three-part documentary, The Invisible Man. Avery Haines, an investigative TV journalist, broke this story and exposed a global network of organized crime targeting women through love fraud.

Avery Haines (@avery_haines) has done additional investigative work on Love Fraud including how scammers continue to prey on their victims with recovery scams and turning them into money mules. Her are more of her pieces:

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