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Julie Belshe Leads a Daughter's Movement to Combat Elder Abduction

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Julie Belshe (@socialjustice4y) has turned a personal nightmare into a quest to protect others. In 2013, Julie's parents were abducted by "private guardians" who, without informing Julie or her parents, got legal control of their lives, then drugged them, isolated them from Julie and proceeded to drain their estate. Trying to save her parents, Julie faced a wall of opposition at each turn with lawyers, judges, social workers and medical professional all in cahoots in a scam that she exposed. They had created a criminal eco-system feeding off of elderly, particularly elder women, by feeding them into the jaws of these professionalized criminal enterprise that is set on taking everything from them. This is a problem growing fast in the US as we enter into the largest population of elderly people in history, a large share of them women, many alone and most vulnerable.

Julie's quest was featured in the great 2019 Amazon documentary, The Guardians (trailer below). She now leads a Daughter's Movement, comprised of women whose parents have been taken through guardianship, who work together to expose these heinous crimes committed on people in their most vulnerable time in life, when they are unable to defend themselves. Julie runs a hotline for elder abduction victims with support from the Casey Kasem Foundation. She is now woking closely with Secure Women to reform the Guardianship system through legislation, increased criminal penalties for bad actors and campaigns to build widespread awareness about these criminals and how to protect yourself and your loved ones against them.

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