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Have you received an Amy Gdala message? If so, congratulations! You have been selected to join the first Secure Women's Mission. You have been chosen because you are considered the perfect messenger to alert women to imminent financial dangers in their midst. Your leadership, capabilities and drive led us to you. Thank you.


We believe you are a vital part of this mission and, so, we hope to be in touch soon! For more mission details, please respond to the Amy Gdala message through the medium by which you were contacted. 

Mission Prize:

Amy Gdala Headdress #1


What is an Amy Gdala Headdress?

Amy Gdala is fashion forward. Her look is feminine, bold, vibrant, confident, charming and caring. Secure Women bestows victory headdresses on Amy Gdala so when she enters a room, people know something important and good is going to happen and someone of powerful influence is present. 


With each Secure Women mission victory, Amy, and all who embody her on the mission, will be a part of the victory headdress. Each is accompanied with the names of those who played an essential part in the stated mission's success.


Secure Women works with the artist Jezebel, of Jezebel's Fascination, who designs and constructs these one-of-a-kind treasures for Amy Gdala.


Amy Gdala will appear at the end of each mission, if successful, wearing a new victory headdress. Earn your place in the Amy Gdala Headdress #1! Find out how here. 

Amy Gdala will be adorned her victory headdress to wear in public once she is successful with her mission. A new headdress is designed for each mission.

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